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Our first programming bootcamp for women

Special opening prices! Pay just a third of the usual bootcamp price in Europe

Date: april - june 2018

Early bird: €3100 (until 1st of February 2018 or first 6 spots)

Regular price: €3600

Programming bootcamp prices in Europe vary from around 5000€ to over 10 000€. Since this is our first bootcamp we have special opening prices of only about the third of the usual value.

Become part of history and the founding class of UmaHub with a program designed specifically for women, helping you navigate the challenges we face in the tech world.

If you want to learn to code but don't know where to start - this is your place to be. Join a pioneering group of smart women on a common mission to become software developers. We're going to share our successes, failures, fears, joys and support each other on the way.

With the usual cost of programming bootcamps in Europe going from 5K to over 10K euros, our opening prices are something to grab right now, cause they won't be repeated.

Love coding, but not sure where to start?

Become a confident software developer! Empower yourself in a beginners, women-only, coding Bootcamp and achieve your desired remote lifestyle in only 12 weeks.



Over the course of 12 weeks we will go through all the necessary skills a developer is expected to have in order to be able to build functional websites and work in a team on more complicated projects: basic Linux knowledge, html & css, javascript, code versioning, web servers, more advanced knowledge of python, object-oriented programming, frameworks (Django) and databases (Postgres), version control, task tracking and communication in an agile remote team. Students will be able to choose the Data Science track if they prefer to learn about data science instead of deepening their knowledge of Django.

Pre-course (Online)

Collection of 3rd party lessons, tutorials and exercises every candidate will be required to complete before the bootcamp.

  • Introduction to web development
  • Basic HTML and CSS
  • Basic Javascript

Pre-bootcamp weekend

Earthing. Bonding. Getting to know each other’s stories and sharing dreams.

Module 1: Frontend (Week 1, 2, 3)

We’ll start our bootcamp with the basics of web development. In the first week we’ll start learning HTML, CSS, responsive layouts, browser differences, designing for smartphones, building up on what you learned on the online pre-course.

In week 2, we’ll dive into the fundamentals of JavaScript and get to know jQuery, a popular and fun JavaScript library. You’ll work in groups to create an interactive user experience with a jQuery library and your previous HTML and CSS knowledge. In the second half of the week we’ll introduce AJAX, JSON, working with an API and include the new knowledge in a project to make it connected to the real world.

In the third week the instructor will split the group into teams and assign them a project to work on. You will practice everything you learned in the previous two weeks, including the soft skills: effective collaboration in a team through good communication and building trust at every step.

These five days will be a glimpse into the real-life work done on projects in teams and we believe this is where people learn most.

The course’s instructors will work closely with the teams at all times.

Milestone #1

This is where things will start to get serious; We’ll slowly start leading you in the deeper waters of software development and all the basic concepts you’ll need to know in order to be a good engineer. In the first two weeks we’ll learn Python, version control systems (git) and how to get your way around in Linux. In the second two weeks we’ll learn object-oriented programming, databases, database design best practices and what does it mean for a team to be agile. We’ll determine our set of (agile) values and principles and then follow them in all the decision making throughout the rest of the course, practicing our agile mindset.

The fifth week of this part of the bootcamp will be another project, where we’ll once again divide into groups and work together with our mentors and instructors. This is where you’ll get introduced to feedback and code reviews: how to give them, how to receive them and how to communicate with your team such that errors turn into learnings whilst differences become opportunities for learning and discovery, instead of conflict.

We’ll close off our projects by giving feedback, extracting learnings and expressing gratitude.

Milestone #2:

The weekend after the second module will be our time to relax, wind down, go out in nature and celebrate the fact that you’re slowly but surely turning into engineers! Expect drinks, games, meditation, support and retrospective circles by the fire.

Module 3: Choose your expertise (weeks 9, 10, 11, 12)

In the first week of our last module we’ll get to know the Django web framework and some more advanced software design patterns. By this point you will be able to proudly call yourself a full stack developer!

The next week you’ll be able to choose your own ending for the bootcamp:

  • Dive deeper in Django and the art and craft of writing clean code
  • Take a course in Data Science, facilitated by our partner Lisbon Data Science Academy

Based on this choice you will spend the last 2 weeks with us working on a project, paired with the student who’s your best fit in all the right areas. Once again, we’re pointing out that you will be working with a mentor and this will be an invaluable opportunity to learn, cause code is best learnt through doing: hitting a wall, solving the problem and then trying again; through making a bad design decision and then working with a mentor who’ll explain WHY is that a bad decision and how would a good decision look like. In team work you will be given tools for conflict detection & resolution to ensure healthy teamwork.

Milestone #3:

Time to celebrate! You did it! You can proudly call yourself a programmer (or data scientist)! Now it’s time to go into the world and find the team who’ll make you grow even more and that you’ll be able to call family. But not before one last celebration where we’ll pledge to each other we’ll continue to be allies and we’ll always help each other. The founding class of UmaHub!


Icon for Python
The fastest-growing and incredibly versatile major programming language used in web, DevOps, data science, machine learning and AI.
Generic icon for a database
MySQL, the world's most popular open source database. Redis, in-memory data structure store, used as a lightning fast database.
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JavaScript is a programming language used to make webpages interactive that keeps growing in popularity.
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The styling language that describes how page elements should be displayed on desktops, tablets, mobile devices or paper.
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Git is the most widely used version control system and has quickly become the standard for version control.

Afternoon talks

Your days will be long and tiring in UmaHub and we’re sure that in the afternoons you will feel like resting and preparing for the lessons the next day.

But once a week (or more, on some weeks) we will invite lecturers, inspirational speakers and professionals with years of experience in the tech industry to talk to you about very important subjects in the life of a developer. They’ll teach you about the soft skills a developer needs to master for an easier and happier life and all you need to know about the job market.

Human skills:

Learning - Always be learning

  • Life of a dev is a life of lifelong learning
  • Next year a new framework will come, don’t get overly attached
  • Teams that learn together, stay together

Communication - Building a shared reality

  • Expressing your needs (re: work)
  • Giving & receiving feedback
  • Trust and psychological safety in teams
  • Conflict detection & resolution
  • Leadership - being a leader no matter what your position.

Collaboration - being a good dev team member

  • Documentation
  • Code Reviews
  • Sticking to deadlines

Agile Team member skills

  • Understanding Sprints
  • Participating in sprint planning meeting
  • Participating in sprint retrospective meeting
  • Agile in Distributed Environment


  • Building your support community - asking for help, mentorship, coaching from peers & community
  • Local tech groups
  • Women in tech groups


Finding Remote work, building your career

  • Understanding your work-needs (stability, flexibility, excitement, support)
  • Understanding yourself, discovering your dream
  • Finding opportunities
  • “Hiring” an employer - how to interview people you are considering working for
  • Selecting work so it aligns with your dreams and needs

Your online presence

  • Making an online portfolio
  • Starting a blog: every week students should choose (or will be assigned) a topic to write on

Living the happy freelancer life

  • Why are distributed teams/remote work different from working in an office
  • Remote work habits
  • Making estimates for your work (and tracking how you did on them)
  • Tracking time & time management
  • Making Quotes
  • Digital nomadism

upcoming bootcamps

co-living & surfing

september - november 2018

Spend a summer in Ericeira - Europe's only surf reserve. Come prepared with your sharp brain and your will to learn to code and surf. We'll take care of everything else: housing, boards, surfing lessons, transportation.

And if you're not a surfer yet - don't worry, we'll get you a few surfing classes, until you start doing it on your own.

Workation instead of vacation. Invest in your career while having fun in the ocean, surrounded by like-minded people.

co-living & kids

february - april 2019

Elena, our founder, is a (single) mum and she's been fed up missing on conferences and events because of all the babysitter hustle. She's an advocate for children corners on any event so of course she decided to make all our bootcamps kid-friendly. But this one will have a special accent on your kids. In a partnership with a local school, the same one her son used to go to, we will be offering childcare for your loved ones while you're learning to code.

If you're a stay at home parent in one of the countries where kindergarten is crazy expensive - this might be a great thing for you. Come stay with like-minded parents, have your kid taken care of with other little play-mates in an amazing sunny village by the ocean. And when done - get a new software developer job you'll be able to do from home, with kiddo.

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